House Plans

Narrow Lot House Plans

Narrow Lot House Plans for Maximizing Your Space

Rising urban density, high property costs and a desire for a shorter commute all combine to create a strong interest in narrow lot house…

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Eco Friendly House Plans

Eco Friendly House Plans Design

Eco friendly house plans are more than just paper and ideas. They are real life realizations of energy efficiency. You may be thinking, my…

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Choosing the Best House Plan

Vital Considerations in Choosing the Best House Plan

Houses are built not only to provide physical shelter to its dwellers, but more so it is the sacred place of the family where…

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Ranch Style House Plans For Easy Living and Child Friendly

Ranch style house plans were first built in the United States in the 1920’s, and became very popular in the post-World War II era…

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Affordable House Plans

Affordable House Plans: Cost-Saving Methods

In planning an affordable home the Architect/Designer must take into consideration a number of factors. Many affordable home plans are categorized as starter homes…

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Investing in New House Plans

Considerations Before Investing in New House Plans

Investing in house floor plans can be an exciting first step to building your dream home, but before you make one of the most…

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Choosing The Perfect House Plan

Tips For Choosing The Perfect House Plans

Building a house of your own choice is the dream of many people, but when they get the opportunity and financial means to do…

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Pre-drawn House plans

Pre-drawn House Plans the Styles and Benefits

Pre-drawn house plans are those that are drawn by architects or home designers and then offered for sale, unlike those that are drawn for…

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